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      Looking to the future development trend of construction machinery industry in 20

      2014-03-24 11:25:40   COMMENT:0 clicks:
      It is understood, mechanical industry enterprise feedback after the Spring Festival demand has rebounded, but most enterprises that power is weak, worse than expected, the machine tool industry reflect, February has lost optimism about market, demand remains relatively poor posture; mechanical engineering industry reflect, sales overall less than expected, started uncertainties lead to customer purchase cautious.
      The engineering is mechanical February demand is weak
      Engineering machinery exhibition around the peak, popularity is flourishing, but the majority of dealers at present sales situation is not just as one wishes, is the main reason for this project construction does not grasp, individual purchase user is further reduced, the manufacturers for risk prevention remains the season before the standard, the vast majority of foreign brands can do 20% of the Shoufu ratio, just be relaxed for high-quality customers.
      Machine sales is still poor no upward signal
      The majority of enterprises reflect the February began to take part in some of the exhibition, but the harvest is not obvious, because 13 years profit a lot of mechanical processing enterprises is not good, leading to lower demand, related to automobile, military and the direction of real estate is relatively better, NC, intelligent and on-line NEW product promotion, caused widespread concern in the downstream customers, also promoted the enterprise for new products is expected to.
      Two mobile phone demand significantly better than the new machine
      Many customers consider only the two mobile phone and mobile phone market, two Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places of the improved obviously. From a regional perspective, whether manufacturers or the area of the dealers said, even excluding the temperature factors, sales of Yun Guichuan and Guangdong and Guangxi areas better. And the northwest, northeast is still poor region. Concrete machinery manufacturers expected, first quarter sales will be flat with last year.

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